When you need an accomplished and inspired leader to help transform your company, you can rely on Gary Spitzer. Gary provides coaching and values-based leadership development with a proven track record in building teams to deliver results.

Effective Leadership Development

Let Fellings Reef Consultancy help you reach your goals. We offer a number of different services so that you will be able to find the one that best fits your needs. Our one-on-one coaching is built on Gary’s experiences, knowledge, and proven tools from the John Maxwell Team.

See where you stand as a leader and what your next steps should be with the John Maxwell Team Leadership Game. This leadership diagnostic is an effective and fun way to discover more about your current leadership team.

Strengthen your core values with the proven content and highly engaging Roundtable methodology of Global Priority Solutions. This combination is a powerful approach to embed and strengthen the core values of an organization.

Gary is also available for training and speaking engagements based on his many years of global leadership experience and leading edge materials from the John Maxwell Team.

Qualified Values Based Coaching

If you seek trusted coaching and leadership development, please send Gary Spitzer a message. With business experience in more than 50 countries and a 36-year career with DuPont, Gary has unique skills, experiences, and abilities that he combines with the resources available as a certified John Maxwell coach.

Culture Change and Transformation Through Core Values

Core values are the foundation of any organization and sphere of society from business to education, government, non-profits, etc.

For 30 years, Global Priority RoundTables have been successfully used across these areas to lead culture change and transformation through aligning an organization around a common set of values. RoundTables are a powerful, straightforward, engaging, and fun way to bring transformative change to individuals, organizations, and those around them.

Gary is a certified Global Priority Solutions Specialist. Begin your journey to a transformed business with greatly improved results by talking to Gary today.